Current Best Sellers

  • Study Support College Care Package

    Studying can be very stressful for any student.  Send your student our Study Support College Care Package and you can be assured it will put a big smile on their face during this stressful time!

  • Junkfood Snack Attack Box College Care Package

    Our ‘Junk Food Snack Attack’ college care package is perfect for all those college students that love their junk food. Whether it is a quick bag of chips or a candy bar to have at night while studying, this care package has it all covered!

  • The Genius Box College Care Package

    The Genius Box college care package contains the mother load of all snacks in a box.  College students everywhere can study for days living off of this college care package! Send this Genius care package to your student today!

  • Studying On The Go College Care Package

    My Mom always said “Grab a bar and get to class!”  Our Studying On The Go care package is stamped -Mother Approved!  It contains a wide variety of snacks that any student can grab while running to class.  Let’s face it, there isn’t enough time in the day to sit down and eat, so this package will come in handy when your student runs into those situations!